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In addition to more traditional treatments, Clare is proud to be one of the first certified Zero Balancing practitioners in New Hampshire. This gentle, hands-on therapy was developed in the 1970's, when professionals and patients alike began searching for and demanding a more integrated approach to medicine.

At Weeks & Gowen PT, every patient receives a thorough evaluation and a treatment plan developed with their needs, goals and limitations in mind. We will work together to help you reach your highest level of function.


    Conditions we treat include    

Balance disturbances
Foot and leg injuries
Hand injuries
Low back pain
Myofascial tightness
Motor vehicle injuries
Neck pain
Plantar fasciitis


Pre and post-surgical rehab
Post-trauma rehabilitation
Repetitive motion injuries
Rotator cuff injuries
Sciatica and other nerve pain
Spinal alignment issues
Sports injuries
Strains and sprains
Work related injuries

    Techniques used       Modalities

Zero balancing
Muscle energy techniques
Myofacial release
Positional release
Joint Mobilization
Craniosacral therapy


Ultra sound
Electrical stimulation
Low level laser
Iontophoresis and Phonophoresis

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